Finance and Other

South Central Regional Wastewater Treatment & Disposal Board provides services to the Cities of Delray Beach and Boynton Beach, with an annual budget of approximately 6 million dollars and is supported by service charges. Follow this link for access to the Department of Financial Services, Local Government Financial Reporting.

Follow this link for access to the Florida Department of Economic Opportunity Special Districts Information Program

2013 south central regional wastewater treatment and disposal board2015-06-01 10:35:55Approved Audited Financial Statement FY 2012-2013
Approved Budget CIP Summary FY 2015-20162015-05-14 10:06:48Board approved 04/16/2015
Approved Budget Summary 2015-20162015-05-14 09:13:48Board approved 04/16/2015
Approved Rate 2015-20162015-05-14 09:13:20Board approved 04/16/2015
Approved chart of organization 2015-20162015-05-14 09:12:41Board approved 04/16/2015
2014-2015 General Fund Reclaim Budget2014-07-18 06:36:28Board approved 07-17-2014
2014-2015 General Fund O&M Budget2014-07-18 06:35:20Board approved 07-17-2014
2014-2015 Chart of Organization2014-07-18 06:33:42Board Approved 07-17-2014
Financial Highlights FY 2011-20122013-08-29 11:01:19
Reclaim Budget FY 2013-20142013-08-29 10:59:14Board Approved 07-18-2013
General Fund Budget FY 2013-20142013-08-29 10:58:37Board Approved 07-18-2013
Reclaim User Rate FY 2013-20142013-08-29 10:57:54Board Approved 07-18-2013
General Fund and R&R User Rate FY 2013-20142013-08-29 10:56:31Board Approved 07-18-2013
Chart of Organization 2013-20142013-08-28 11:27:19
Chart of Organization 2010-20112011-04-20 02:23:51
Chart of Organization 2009-20102010-04-26 14:00:54